Offiservice Wengier Ltd. | DTP and graphic design

DTP and graphic design

It is hard to overstate the importance of creative graphic design, tailored to the message and drawing attention to it. Not giving the proper attention to graphic design is like baking a cake with the best ingredients, and then offering it for sale in the dusty side window of a back alley.

The designers at Offiservice work alongside the translators, in order to gain a real understanding of the most appropriate graphic attire for the text and the marketing message. Each designer goes into the project in depth, and to this end is skilled in a wide range of software.

Graphic design at Offiservice, as with the other services we provide, goes through a careful process of editing in which the designer, the translator and the editor make adjustments, to ensure that every step passes successfully, and that the design is completely ready for production.

The designers at Offiservice make use of the most advanced software, including the latest versions of:
Adobe Illustartor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Freehand, MS Office and more.