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Written translation services

In an age when any computer user can ask Google to translate a page from Chinese into Spanish, it is worth remembering that accurate and good quality translation is a subtle and complex business. An outstanding translation requires a profound knowledge of languages, accurate use of grammar, excellent reading comprehension, and the ability to understand cultural nuances and express them precisely in the target language. Add to that tight schedules and large, complex texts, and there is no doubt that a good quality result requires a professional translator.

Offiservice employs experienced translators, specializing in technical, legal, scientific and other fields. Where necessary, depending on the size of the project, work is carried out by a team of translators and editors in order to achieve the optimal result. Our employees, and foremost among them the translators, work twice as much for our company than the average hours that they work for any other company. This team spirit comes across in the skills of the translators and the quality of the translation, and the first to benefit are our clients.

It is not enough simply to say that we work in 48 languages. Offiservice employs more than one expert in each language at any given time, so that we can deal with large projects without losing the personal approach, and still meet competitive schedules.

The most important thing, as we see it, is the quality of the translation. We implement a unique quality assurance process at every stage of the translation, guaranteeing a result of uncompromising worth.