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Company profile

Offiservice was founded in 1988 by Yossi Wengier. Yossi is a graduate of the Department of Biology at Tel Aviv University, a past Olympic champion in sports for the disabled, and has been involved in the world of translation since 1972. After working for many years as a project manager and as a freelance translator, he established Offiservice Wengier Ltd. in order to provide top-quality translations and linguistic solutions for the international market, at competitive prices.

Over the years, working regularly with project managers, translators, linguistic editors, language experts and other professionals, we have forged a wide-ranging community of freelance professionals who are as loyal to Offiservice as salaried employees, enjoying a close relationship with the company and benefitting from its good payment ethic. Offiservice encourages collaboration, and for particularly large projects, sets up teams of translators working under the guidance of a project manager. As necessary, the translators make use of software that helps to maintain the specific terminology of each client.

Our team:

Joseph Wengier

Joseph (Yossi) Wengier - CEO


Nurit Wengier - Director of Informatics

Meital Wengier

Meital Wengier - Graphic designer

Reut Wengier

Reut Wengier - Accounting